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Digital Virgo ensures that its employees and its co-contractors comply with the requirements of Sapin II Law, in the fight against money laundering and corruption.

The Group has assessed its level of exposure to corruption risks by carrying out a critical review of the risk control systems within its legal entities. In particular, each legal entity completed a questionnaire on the risks of corruption within its entity and on adjacent risk factors (conflicts of interest, entry into relations with public authorities, etc..).

A code of conduct to fight corruption, money laundering, fraud and influence peddling has been drawn up and sent to all Group legal entities. Each legal entity reviewed this code of conduct (making changes where necessary to comply with local laws), translated the code of conduct into its local language (where necessary), and communicated the code of conduct to its employees.

The Group has communicated to all its legal entities an anti-corruption clause to be included in all new contracts concluded with third parties. The Group has also set up an internal alert procedure.

A Compliance Committee has been implemented to ensure that the provisions of Sapin II law are applied within the Group. The Committee is composed of 6 Compliance Officers, located in France, Spain, Poland, Lithuania and Morocco. The Group’s objective is to continue to improve its procedures and controls to fight corruption risks and money laundering.

For any questions regarding Compliance within Digital Virgo Group : compliance@digitalvirgo.com